Take a theatrical approach to project management!

inside Shakespeare's The Globe Theatre in London

inside Shakespeare’s The Globe Theatre in London

Shakespeare and Project Management may seem like an odd comparison – however, just like a great theatre production, correct project management requires well-defined roles.

By clearly determining the roles for each team member, you can help everyone on a project to perform better.

A theatrical approach works

Taking a theatrical approach may not be what first pops into your head but here are a few theatrical tips to help you develop your project team!

Identify your range

Great actors know their limitations. You may be tempted to stretch yourself in an attempt to improve at your art – but it’s a simple fact that certain roles are just not a good fit for some actors.

The same principle applies to stakeholders in your project – just because someone is extremely gifted in one area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be brilliant in all areas. Take the time to indentify strengths and weaknesses in your team and allocate roles accordingly.

Understand your production

Preparation is vital in theatre – after all, playing an extremely serious piece in a flamboyant comedic fashion isn’t likely to boost ticket sales – and the same principle applies to projects. Every project is unique – make sure that you have appropriate resources in place for a project and everyone involved understands the requirements fully.

Get to know your director

Anyone who has ever trod the boards will tell you, directors’ expectations differ widely – even with the same production. Knowing what they expect of their players is a critical element.

In the project world, always make sure that you communicate your expectations clearly and concisely to your team. Keep project requirements well documented and easily available and keep all members of a project in-the-loop with any changes.

In conclusion, when preparing for your next project, always ensure that the right people take on the right parts, to quote Shakespeare in “As You Like It”:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances

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