6 emerging global trends in project management

The value of project management is increasingly being recognized in both the private and public sectors – but what are the crucial project delivery emerging global trends?


  • Dedicated project management offices

In recent times, project management is taking centre stage, rather than sitting in the background of operations. The first ever project management office (PMO) summit took place in London this summer, heralding a significant watershed moment in the rise of the PMO.

  • Crowdsourcing of ideas

Many project managers are now experts when it comes to co-ordinating contributions from various sources – with crowdsourcing – an extreme version of mass-participation – becoming more popular, due to new software tools.

  • The rise of Big Data

Although it may still be an emerging technology – big data is growing in popularity – and it’s here to stay. Algorithms can search for patterns in pools of data far too large for humans to sift through by hand. Project managers are now using big data for tasks such as cost projections and to discover hidden correlations in project management.

  • Shift to Agile

Many project managers view Agile as a rather old hat process – however, it’s perhaps not as widespread as believed. Agile – born in the software world – is getting increasingly popular as a method of project management. However, many experts stress that Agile should be used as one tool among many – some PMOs tend to focus on a single method and attempting to fit the work to that method, optimising the process over optimising delivery. For project management to remain relevant, PMOs need to become adaptable and prove their value in facilitating delivery on a variety of projects, using varying approaches.

  • The demise of email

Email can be a rather messy experience at times – reply after reply between small groups of people can become a difficult activity to manage and access. To this end, dedicated tools such as Slack, Yammer and Salesforce Chattr are becoming very popular, letting collaborators chat in quickly and easily in real time.

  • Project managers are becoming entrepreneurs

Modern day project management involves a staggering array of challenges – and these demands require someone who can think on their feet – like an entrepreneur. In fact, companies are starting to position project management career paths as a good platform for building the skills and experiences required for success in different leadership positions.

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