R01 – PMP Exam Advice

Our final look at the content available to students in our PMP Exam Prep (35 Hours Online) course is section R01 – PMP Exam Advice. Christopher Talmont, PMP Director of Program Management, goes through a number of strategies and tips for how to prepare for the four-hour exam. The most vital aspect of preparation before […]

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B02 – What is Project Management?

In a recent blog we looked at an introduction to project management and at the Off Peak Training approach to studying for the Project Management Institute’s exam. Today we’re going to go into this a little bit deeper and look at what is project management. This forms section B02 of our 35 hour online PMP […]

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A05 – the Off Peak training approach

Preparing for a Project Management Professional exam can be nerve wracking process involving hours and hours of study. For many, the pressure of facing the exam results in a sense of fear that they won’t be able to retain the information required to pass and worry about actually taking it. Off Peak Training can help […]

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A Guide to Gantt Charts for Project Managers

An estimated 57% of all projects fail due to a breakdown in communications. To this end, many project managers use Gantt charts to formulate a visual representation of their project’s progress and negotiate around the many communications-related issues that could derail it. Gantt charts – charts that represent the amount of work that needs to […]

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How do you measure project success?

Project success is generally measured in terms of on-time delivery, on-budget delivery and customer satisfaction. However, this can shift, depending on the ever-changing requirements and preferences of your corporate leadership and project customer. The term “make it profitable” can be used to quantify a success – or delivering on time – or both. On the […]

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Why the bad-guy project manager always finishes last

Having the right attitude really does matter in project management. We all know at least one project manager who is difficult to communicate with and overly demanding – and this kind of negative attitude can have a significant impact on projects. Here are a few reasons as to why the “bad-guy” project manager always finishes […]

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How to maximize productivity in the workplace

We all strive to be master ‘doers’ – and find ourselves searching for a magic solution to solve all of our problems. However, productivity isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal – the first step toward being more productive lies with scheduling your day intelligently and gaining a true understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Try using these […]

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5 Qualities of Top Project Managers

All successful project managers share common key characteristics – and they use these qualities in every project they manage. Of course, success on a project can be down to luck, however, consistent success indicates that the project manager is bringing something special to each project, project team and project client they manage. Here are 5 […]

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6 emerging global trends in project management

The value of project management is increasingly being recognized in both the private and public sectors – but what are the crucial project delivery emerging global trends? Dedicated project management offices In recent times, project management is taking centre stage, rather than sitting in the background of operations. The first ever project management office (PMO) […]

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