Why the bad-guy project manager always finishes last

Don't be the "bad guy" project leader

Don’t be the “bad guy” project leader

Having the right attitude really does matter in project management. We all know at least one project manager who is difficult to communicate with and overly demanding – and this kind of negative attitude can have a significant impact on projects.

Here are a few reasons as to why the “bad-guy” project manager always finishes last!

May cause offence. The bad-guy project manager can often offend clients, perhaps without even knowing that they’re doing it! – they may view themselves as being bold and progressive, but it can come across as them being pushy, demanding and even a control freak who is insistent on getting his/her way, with little regard to long-term connections and the relationships that will eventually decide the success of a project. To this end, what begins as a solid relationship with the client can spiral into disarray as they realise that the bold promises made at the start were simply speculative, rather than specific and achievable.

Deters senior management. As above, such bold and demanding behavior can put off senior management – and all project managers need them firmly onboard! Senior management may be impressed with the boldness and confidence at first, but this will soon turn to displeasure with a lack of actual delivery in the long run – and even more so if they get negative feedback from clients.

Loses his/her team on long-term projects. The “bad-guy” project manager will very likely have problems with all relationships over a longer term – and this often starts with team members. He/she may be bold when it comes to decision making, the delegating of tasks and communicating; however, these constant demands and attitude can lead to staff “burn out” – and project engagements will suffer over time.

Has difficulties networking throughout the project management communityKnowledge is key – gaining insight into the top project management best practices of other people can go a long way to ensuring project success. The “bad-guy” project manager will very likely face some problems with these types of networking relationships and may wish to go it alone – not always a wise idea!

Shaky connections within their own organization. In order for a project manager to be successful on the projects they are managing, a solid foundation within their own organization is critical. Projects often involve a multitude of staff from various departments – the “bad-guy” project manager will often fail when he burns his own bridges.

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