3 Signs you need a Project Management solution

project management solution

3 signs you need a project management solution

A Project Management solution is a crucial activity for most businesses – it enables companies to take on more clients, expand and implement larger, more complex systems.

However, all of these additional processes can become difficult to manage – and that’s where a project management solution comes in – helping organizations to meet new challenges and manage the complications of growth.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why your organization might need a project management tool – but here are a few warning signs to indicate that now may be the time.

1. Excel spreadsheets

If you’re still using them as a core part of your business activities, a change may be required. Although they can be a useful generic tool, they are not specifically designed for project management – and, to this end, can miss many vital elements, such as task management, timescales and attaching communications to actions.
Spreadsheets can be shared – which helps to keep files in sync between teams, however, they still lack some of the other critical features that a targeted project management system can deliver.

2. Communication breakdown

Open communication is vital to the success of a project. Poor communication – in the form of misplaced files, forgotten instructions, lost emails, missing attachments, bad relationships and even differing time zones, can send a project into doom.
Project management tools allow you to communicate inside the platform – either via message boards or instant chat. These messages can be attached to projects, tasks, timescales and links, images and files can also be looped in – creating a solid stream of communication and audit trail.

3. Missed deadlines

If you’re consistently missing deadlines – it’s time to assess your processes. Project management, by its very core, is about three things: managing people, managing capital, and managing time.
Good project management software will break down projects into milestones, actions, tasks etc. – helping you to deliver projects to clients on time and within budget.

In conclusion, a project management system is a must-have for any disoriented or unfocused organizations – helping to keep everyone on track, improve communications and enable the consistent achievement of targets.

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