Could a project manager role be your career choice?

Could you be a project manager?

Could you be a project manager?

Whether you’re leaving education and making decisions about initial career options, or thinking about switching careers, you may wonder if you have what it takes to become a project manager.

We have put together 8 facts on project management to help you decide if it is the right career choice for you.

1. A very fast-paced environment

Project management is packed with deadlines and priorities – you must be able to remain calm while moving at speed. Often, you will get one obstacle out of the way, only for another to arise – if you can keep calm in this kind of situation (or even thrive in it!), project management could be for you.

2. Some uncertainty

Much planning goes into the execution of a project – however, you must always expect a level of uncertainty. Project managers are constantly juggling resources i.e. priorities, deadlines & deliverables, in line with business strategies.

3. Frequent stress and pressure

Project managers will rarely say that they are feeling rested or relaxed at the end of a day – the job is frantic, with associated risks and complications – but the rewards upon delivering a successful project are worth it!

4. Continual change

If you are the kind of person who adapts well to continual change in your personal life, you will probably find the transition into project manager easier than most. In project management there is no room for a comfortable mindset – it is not a routine or mundane job – continual change is a core element of the role.

5. Multiple deadlines

The ability to prioritize and manage multiple deadlines is essential in project management. In order to meet business goals, project deadlines will often need to be constantly re-evaluated and altered. This involves a balancing act of employee and financial resources. To this end, great project managers are calm under pressure and level-headed.

6. Dealing with internal and external conflicts

Even the very best project managers can struggle when dealing with difficult people – either internally or externally. It is therefore essential to have the negotiation and people skills required to deal with situations of conflict.

7. Demanding schedules

A project managers’ schedule is generally outside of the normal 9-to-5 workday. In fact, many people say that project managers “eat, sleep and breathe” project management. Even when projects are going well, this kind of demanding schedule should be expected.

8. Exceptional organizational skills

Organizational skills are vital in project management if you are to handle a fast-paced environment that is filled with multiple deadlines, continual change, constant stress, uncertainty, conflict and a demanding schedule.

In summary, project management does involve a high level of responsibility and risks – taking on this kind of demanding career may not be for everyone – however, these demands and challenges can also prove to be highly rewarding career growth opportunities.

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