5 Qualities of Top Project Managers

All successful project managers share common key characteristics – and they use these qualities in every project they manage. Of course, success on a project can be down to luck, however, consistent success indicates that the project manager is bringing something special to each project, project team and project client they manage.

pm-leader-characteristics-100608532-primary.idgeHere are 5 qualities that set top project managers apart from the rest:

Super organized “thinker and doers”

All of the best project managers are organized “doers” – they get stuck in and always seek to progress forward with each action. They have a solid plan and follow it. They also want to include other people in their success.

Expert negotiators

Project managers have to negotiate a wide number of aspects on a daily basis i.e. due dates, resources, changes, dollars – and any other items on projects, with a number of people – from their own team members to members of the executive management teams within a client organization. To this end, the best project managers are also skilled negotiators, who are always looking to better their position in order to successfully deliver on all stages of a project.

Analytical thinkers

Successful project managers are analytical thinkers – from analyzing delivery dates, to analyzing resource usage and needs and even analyzing the financial health of a project at any given time – this analytical way of thinking needs to kick in as and when needed. By sticking to best practices and analyzing where the project is, where it needs to go and then calculating the best way to get there, you too can become a good analytical-thinking project manager.

Leaders with connections

All the very best project managers are well connected across all departments in an organization. This can be confused with manipulation, but it’s not – by looking at your projects and considering what connections are going to serve you, your team, your project and your project client the best, then working to make those connections happen, you can help to ensure the best possible result on a project.

They are above reproach

Finally, all great project managers are above reproach – they do what they say they’re going to do – follow-throughs build great reputations. Always aim to be honest and of high integrity – remember, leaders don’t always have the loudest voice but they do have the best actions.

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