A05 – the Off Peak training approach

Preparing for a Project Management Professional exam can be nerve wracking process involving hours and hours of study.

For many, the pressure of facing the exam results in a sense of fear that they won’t be able to retain the information required to pass and worry about actually taking it. Off Peak Training can help with this.

Our 35 hour online PMP training course is specifically designed to help trainees go through the processes leading up to sitting the exam. In our blog today we’re going to look in depth at one of the modules from that course: A05 – the Off Peak training approach.

A05 - the Off Peak Training method

A05 – the Off Peak Training method

Our approach consists of two vital components:

* To ensure that students are sufficiently prepared to take – and pass – their certification exam
* To ensure that students learn terms, techniques and skills which are transferable to enhance their job performance and help standardize communications among teams

In order to achieve these goals we provide easy to use and understand course materials, we create interactive exercises to engage students and we evaluate progress through test questions.

We do this through the use of the 5 Process Groups outlined by the Project Management Institute in its Project Management Body of Knowledge – also known as the PMBOK. However, it is a massive and complex tome, quite dry in tone.

Color matching

So to help trainees understand the process groups, to know which process each action belongs to, and to easily recognize and understand patterns in their interactions, Off Peak Training uses colors to represent these processes and process outputs.

Project Initiating is blue, Project Planning is orange, Project Evaluation is green, Monitoring and Controlling is purple and, finally, the Closing Process group is red. This means that students can instantly see during their studies which process belongs to which group. All Off Peak Training project management courses which are aligned with the PMBOK Guide follow this color scheme.

Our online course includes:

* 35 hours of project management training to ready you for the PMP exam
* Presentation videos, quizzes and interactive lessons
* Colorful course materials to make learning the 47 project management process easy and logical
* 3 full mock exams to ensure the student is fully prepared for the real one
* Unlimited 24/7 access to Off Peak Training online
* A flexible method of both learning and of payment

Our course is $29 per month and can be paid for as and when you choose to study. There is no huge up-front cost to register for the whole 35 hours at once, you can pay monthly as and when it is convenient and cancel at any time.

To find out more please visit our website here: https://www.offpeaktraining.com/project_management-professional_pmp_training/


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