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Flexible Project Management for Supplier Organizations

An intriguing article by Project Accelerator asks: “Does one size really fit all, or do supplier organizations deserve a bespoke suit?” In “Harmonising the Project Owner to Supplier Relationship”, Adrian Taggart outlines how far project management has developed as a management discipline in its own right over recent years. He believes that much of this […]

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Ten advantages of online training

Continued education is highly valuable and beneficial to entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to acquire and strengthen the technical skills and expertise needed to meet the stringent requirements for Project Management, Risk Management, Schedule Management and Information Technology. Whether you’ve just started your own company, or want to strengthen your skills for your current role/in preparation […]


The need for project managers

The need for project managers has been expertly laid out in a recent article by Richard Newton from UK-based Wellingtone Project Management. In the piece, Mr Newton says project managers spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to carry out project management tasks utilizing books, bodies of knowledge, training courses, tools and […]


Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Project Management

An interesting article on intuit.com examines the area of project management and the lessons that we have all learned from the process. If you browse the internet, you will find around 100,000 articles on project management – shedding light on what our predecessors were talking about, and when. Julien Pollack and Daniel Adler reported last […]


Online training best practices

Online training offers a wide range of benefits – it serves as a very convenient, cost effective and accessible training option for today’s busy professionals. That being said, the knowledge that a student is able to acquire will depend not only on the course material being provided, but also the way in which the material […]


Project management in the manufacturing and production industry

It’s probably fair to say that project management is generally a priority for those working in the manufacturing and production industry. However, staying focused on how best to execute project management tactics can be somewhat difficult at times – therefore can be overlooked, especially when organizations are pressured for time and/or funds. An interesting new […]


Easy guide to the Critical Path Method

Are you studying for the Project Management Institute’s PMP exam? If so one of the elements you will be looking at is the Critical Path Method. CPM is a technique used to help schedules determine the longest path of activities, the shortest possible project duration, and the level of scheduling flexibility which exists. We have […]

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