R01 – PMP Exam Advice

Our final look at the content available to students in our PMP Exam Prep (35 Hours Online) course is section R01 – PMP Exam Advice.

Christopher Talmont, PMP Director of Program Management, goes through a number of strategies and tips for how to prepare for the four-hour exam. The most vital aspect of preparation before sitting the exam is to make sure to schedule it at a time which suits you.

“Some people are morning people and are sharp in the AM, while others take a little bit of time to get going. Make sure to schedule your exam at a time when you are at your best,” he says.

“It can be difficult to resist the temptation of cramming the night before. However, most test takers will probably do better getting a good night’s sleep.”

Before the exam starts, there is a 15-minute tutorial to learn how to use the computer. According to Christopher, this should only take most people a few minutes to complete however, so students should use the remainder of their time to jot dot down on some scrap paper (which is also provided) anything they may wish to refer to during the exam.

He recommends this includes math formulas for Program Evaluation Review Technique, Earned Value Management, how to calculate lines of communication and Expected Monetary Value. Another suggestion is to write down the matrix or map or the 47 project management processes.

Time management

The most important thing to consider when preparing for the exam is time management says Christopher. With four hours to complete 200 questions, it means the average time to spend per question falls around 1.5 minutes.

However, some will take longer and some much less time so Christopher’s advice is to not spend too much time on any one question but to come back to it later. He says: “If you find yourself taking longer than 2.5 minutes on a question, we recommend you mark it and come back to it later if you have time.”

He says to remember that 25 of the total 200 questions don’t count at all towards the final score and so spending too much time on something which may be discounted isn’t good time management. If you have two answers you’re debating over for any single question, pick one, answer it and then move on.

Off Peak Training’s online classroom also includes tips for how to read the questions and make sure you’re interpreting them correctly and to check for extreme language which would be unlikely to appear in a correct answer.

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